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NuCalm Sedation

NuCalm Sedation

NuCalm is a revolutionary, safe and proven system that quickly relaxes you into the beginning stages of sleep without using narcotics or controlled substances. With NuCalm, you will feel the same way you feel when you are about to fall asleep. And the NuCalm system ensures that you feel this way throughout the procedure!

How NuCalm Works

NuCalm works through a combination of four factors that are designed to relax your body into a deep state of calm.

Upon arrival at your appointment, you will be given a chewable dietary supplement. The supplement is designed to relax you by counteracting adrenaline. The supplement usually takes about three to five minutes to take effect. While the supplement begins the relaxation process, you will be fitted with microcurrent patches behind each ear. These patches have been shown to facilitate relaxation. Noise-dampening headphones will be used to deliver proprietary neuroacoustic software that, combined with soothing music, helps bring your brainwave pace to a pre-sleep stage. Lastly, light-blocking glasses are used to negate visual stimuli. The glasses help maintain the relaxation state.

The NuCalm Benefits

NuCalm has many benefits to our patients, including:

  • Sedation without narcotics or controlled substances
  • No downtime after the procedure while sedation wears off
  • Patients report a sense of balance and wellness for hours or days after their appointment
  • No fear during the procedure
  • No need for someone to take you to and from your appointment
  • Better dental results because you are completely relaxed and calm during the appointment

For more information regarding stress and sedation, click here.

Our Happy Patients

"I had heard about Dr. Denemark and Denemark Periodontal for years. Good thing, because I finally have needed their services a couple times in the past year. Everyone in the office is friendly and wants to make sure that what needs to be fixed gets taken care of in the most professional way. Not to mention the beautiful office and the state of the art equipment and technology make it my choice and I refer anyone who needs dental help to visit Dr. Denemark. His concern for your health and his approach to fixing the issue that is best for you makes Denemark the only choice in the Chicagoland Area."

Kent E Kent E.

"Dr. Denemark has done several implants on me and I'm really happy not only with the results, which are so perfect, as with the way the procedure was handled. I also had bone and gum grafting done with him and had excellent results. If I ever need an implant or grafting again Dr. Denemark is for sure the doctor I'll have them done with! He has been doing implants in our family for years, grandma (who had over 7 implants done with him), my nephew, my sister in law and so on. Totally trustworthy and great person! Excelente Periodontal Specialist!"

Thelma F Thelma F.

"If you are looking for a professional periodontist who treats you with respect, dignity, and actually cares about the end result rather than just the money, then you MUST go visit Dr. Denemark! Dr. Denemark and his staff, especially Marci, are extremely personable and care about the quality of their work. I highly recommend their work and most definitely will recommend them to friends and family. I appreciate you all and thank you for making what could've been a scary experience, a pleasant one."

Megan B Megan B.
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